Starter Kits For Electronic Cigarettes

An electronic cigarette starter kit contains everything you need to get started with enjoying your e-cig. Because electronic cigarettes have become a very easy to use and convenient alternative to traditional cigarettes, smokers’ have become very interested in electronic cigarette starter kits. Well, an e-cig starter kit is the ideal introduction into the amazing world of healthier and safer smoking.

Components of an E-Cigs Starter Kit

This unique starter kit is comprised of several accessories that complement each other and allow you to easily and quickly get started with experiencing electronic cigarettes. The components of a starter kits include an atomizer, cartridges, a rechargeable battery, a USB or wall charger and sometimes a zipper case that allows you to carry all the components. One of these kits usually contains a user manual that features all the necessary instructions you need in order to start smoking right away.

Of course, accessories and components of an electronic cigarette starter kit will vary from one brand to another. For example, one brand will offer flavors like vanilla, chocolate and mint, while others offer only mint or cherry. When it comes to premium starter kits, you can find other amazing features, such as car chargers or a customized box.

Why Should You Purchase an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Purchasing an electronic cigarette starter kit is the best way to try get started as it is a one stop purchase.  You get all the components you need in one easy purchase and then just replace them as they are consumed. If you have never smoked an e-cigarette before, you probably don’t know what items and accessories you need, and certainly have not had the experience to develop your preferences in accessories yet. So instead of buying each of them separately, it is much better to shop for starter kits, which will offer the perfect introduction in the electronic smoking world.  It is also typically less expensive to purchase the components in a bundle.

A starter kit contains about 6 cartridges, each one of them equaling a pack of normal cigarettes. You can choose from a wide variety of flavors, from mint to cherry. Each starter kit usually comes with a one year limited warranty, so you can be sure your investment is safe and your money are not lost should something malfunction.

Are Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits Affordable

An electronic cigarette starter kit can be purchased with as little as $60. This means you will pay off your investment in less than a month for some people. After that period of time, you will spend around $30 every two months for cartridges. Smoking the traditional way, you would have spent much much more for regular cigarettes. Over the long term, you can save more than 48% on e-cigs, which is a lot for avid smokers. The amount can go up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year depending on where you live and how much you smoke.  Finances are definitely a significant consideration.

Rechargeable electronic cigarettes are where it’s at, trust me.