Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes

Due to the advancements in technology, we can now enjoy rechargeable electronic cigarettes to the detriment of tobacco cigarettes. E-cigs have been placed in the public spotlight for a few years now, so an increasing number of smokers are wondering if whether they should switch to rechargeable electronic cigarettes or stick with the standard ones. Well, the competition is fierce. Each consumer has his own opinion regarding this matter, so we will present both options.

Rechargeable Vs Disposable Cigarettes

Rechargeable cigarettes offer ease of use but can sometimes be a little less convenient due to the charging requirements. On the other hand, you don’t have to carry a lighter and a full pack with you all the time. An electronic device gives you the possibility to feel the same pleasure without stuffing your pockets or purse.
People who prefer smoking a traditional cigarette over a rechargeable one say that the vapor can’t even come close to the tobacco smoke, which is the real deal. Moreover, the vapor dissipates quicker than the smoke in a tobacco cigarette, which lingers around for a longer period of time. However, the vapor is legal and socially accepted to exhale almost in every place where tobacco cigarette smoke is not. In other words, if you really want to smoke in a restaurant or you crave to inhale some smoke and you are forbidden to do so due to environmental regulations, turning to rechargeable cigarettes could prove to be your saving grace.

Another tremendous advantage of smoking electronic cigarettes is that you can actually save money. Everybody knows that conventional cigarettes are very expensive. Due to the combined costs of cigarettes taxes and tobacco costs, the more someone smokes, the faster dollars or euros add up. However, the good news is that an electronic cigarette cartridge is equal with 40 traditional cigarettes. Let’s assume you pay $5 for a pack of traditional cigarettes (20 pieces) and you smoke one pack a day. That means you will spend nearly $2000 on a yearly basis on your addiction, without including additional costs like ashtrays and lighters. You will spend around $10 for 4 cartridges, which equals with 4 packs of cigarettes. That means $2.5 each day. At the end of the year, you can save up to 50%. You will spend around $900 on electronic cigarettes compared to nearly $2K on traditional ones. In areas where you pay more per pack (NY can be up to approx $12 per pack) or for those who smoke in excess of 1 pack per day, the savings is even greater.

The last reason e-cigs are a much safer and reliable choice than tobacco cigarettes is that they do not contain the quantity of harmful substances that conventional cigarettes do. E-cigs contain about 10 substances, while traditional cigarettes contain over 400 toxic substances that are found in tobacco smoke. The difference is huge, and your lungs will certainly notice that.

Where To Buy Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes

In conclusion, rechargeable electronic cigarettes are a more convenient solution than standard disposable cigarettes. Not only they are cheaper, but they come in a wider variety of flavors, designs and strengths. The e-cigarettes are gaining in popularity pretty fast, so many predict they will soon become the preferred way to smoke primarily.