Electronic Cigarette Kits

Electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years, due to the intensive and creative marketing techniques employed by huge companies whose desire is to attract as many people as possible into trying these “smoking accessories”. However, you need to know that not all electronic cigarettes are created equal. When choosing electronic cigarette kits, there are a number of things you need to consider in order to make sure you will take the right choice.

First of all, ensure that the battery of the cigarettes contained in the package is powerful enough to last for a minimum of one day – at least 250 puffs worth. Because the battery is the lifeblood of this device, make sure it is durable enough and lasts long in time. In case you keep it in your pocket all through the day, ensure that it is capable to take a number of bumps without breaking or deteriorating.

Another thing you need to take into consideration when purchasing electronic cigarette kits is the multitude of charging options. For an e-cig kit that comes with only a USB charger, you won’t be so happy if you run out of power and here is no computer within a 1 mile radius from your location. Make sure you get a kit that gives you multiple charging options, including a wall and car adapter. This will guarantee that you won’t run out of battery juice in case you really need to take a puff.

Remember to choose your favorite flavors when buying electronic cigarettes .  While some e-smokers prefer mint, others love the taste of cherry or chocolate. Sometimes, you might want to try another flavor just because you are in the mood. Other times you will want to try various other flavors for the sake of trying something new. In either case, you need to choose an e-cig company whose kits feature multiple flavor options.

The cartomizer life is another aspect you need to think of. Certainly, you want to get a good flavor, but it is useless to smoke something you like if it doesn’t last. It is very annoying to change the cartomizer every 50 puffs. A good cartomizer lasts more than 300 puffs. In addition to that, consider buying an e-cigarette kit that features a USB cigarette. It can happen to everyone – you are in a hurry so you hit the road without taking your charger with you. A USB cigarette is essentially a small battery you can plug into your e-cigarette that prolonging its life.

Lastly, you need to make sure that the electronic cigarette kits company you want to work with offers a flawless customer service. This tip applies not only when buying e-cigs, but to every product or service you want to try or buy. In order to have the best buying experience possible, work with a company renowned for its customer service team. Probably the last thing you want to experience is to break your budget buying an expensive e-cigs kit, discover that the battery is dead and then spending precious hours trying to reach the company. Choose a company with a professional customer service and real product guarantees.  The brands we feature on this site all demonstrated a stellar customer support staff with knowledgeable and highly responsive team members.  Any of them will be able to deliver well on this aspect.